Hubble is a film production house, made up of a collective of people whom share a profound fascination for the power and potential of the moving image, not only as a form of artistic expression, but as an instrument for psychosocial communication. Moreover, we at Hubble strive to explore film’s potential as a mechanism to transform conventional human perception and achieve absolute observer empathy. The human mind is coded to react to different audio-visual combinations in different ways, through innately predefined cognitive triggers. Furthermore, we believe that there exist certain audio-visual arrangements that have the ability to unlock dormant parts of the human psyche and access the deep of the subconscious, in effect causing ones normal perception of reality to become skewed, even if only momentarily. That said, we are still storytellers, and intend to present our work through the medium of cinema. And it is through our films that we endeavour to create emotionally immersive experiences that stay with our spectators forever.