Plu & Her Morning Orbit pre-production /

This is a story about a little girl’s relentless search through space and time for her beloved father, whom mysteriously disappears one day. Against all the odds, Plu, with the help of a strange hovering creature called Orbit and her teddy whom Orbit brings to life, Boo Bear, begin an extraordinary adventure that will last a lifetime.

Beyond in development

In the near future, a quite incredible piece of technology makes an inconceivable mission, possible. A dying astronaut embarks on mankind’s greatest ever journey, beyond the limits of scientific knowledge, unlikely ever to return. Yet what unfolds is beyond even the wildest imagination...

The Psycho in the Dark in development

He is an angry, confused teen, with very few friends, and an unhealthy interest in all things mind altering. Yet there are some that believe he is the one, and that he has a message that could change the world. Born in a difficult time, who shall save the saviour?